Directorships & Management

A successful Board of Directors is characterised by being able to bring in it’s professional competence, showing leadership skills but also introducing it’s human character and soft skills.


Dr. iur. Bernhard Madörin has the necessary leadership experience due to his 20 years of practice as a independant contractor, he is backed up by a team of approximately 20 employees. Strategic business developments belong to his daily business as well as professional management consultancy for small and medium –sized companies. From January 2010 till 2014 Dr. Iur. Bernhard Madörin has been fulfilling the responsible function as a member of the finance committee of IWB Industrielle Werke Basel.


Dr. iur. Bernhard Madörin’s social network consists of 50 executive mandates as well as several customer relations. In addition he was able, as a member of the Great Council of the canton Basel-Stadt,  to supplement his wide network by adding political contacts.


You find more information about his person on the page Dr. iur. Bernhard Madörin.