Directorships & Executive Mandates

A successful board member is characterized, among other things, by his ability to contribute both professional and leadership skills, but also by personal and human qualities.


There are various good reasons to rely on external support for your company management. Perhaps as an entrepreneur you have your customers, markets and products fully under control, but you lack experience in complex financial and legal topics. Or you value the outside view of an independent and external specialist. Or you are a foreign company setting up a Swiss subsidiary and need a local person of trust to represent your interests in that company. In this context, the legal requirement that at least one member of the highest governing body of every Swiss company must be resident in Switzerland is also important.


The following artax associates hold executive mandates:


Dr. iur Bernhard Madörin Mandates           (currently not accepting any new positions)
Urs Fischer Mandates   
Fabian Egger Mandates   
Dominic Suter   Mandates   
Gadafi Fazlijevic Mandates   


Executive mandates are always carried out personally and require us to get to know you and your company in depth beforehand. Please contact us.