The artax group consists of experts in judiciary, business management, financial management, accountancy and auditing. 





Senior Partner


Bernhard Madörin

Dr. iur.
Tax and Fiduciary Expert
Licensed Audit Expert RAB (emeritus)
Licensed Insurance Intermediary FINMA (Reg.26800)



Francine Fimbel

Certified Accountant BTS CGE
Licensed Auditor RAB  (Reg.101120)

Urs Fischer

Fiduciary / VAT Specialist STS
Licensed Auditor RAB  (Reg.108426)

Fabian Egger Certified Fiduciary Expert
Licensed Auditor RAB  (Reg. 110869)


Andri Egger Apprentice second year
Gadafi Fazlijevic M.Sc. in Business & Economics
Sandrine Gutknecht Administrative Assistant / Accountant

Michael Hasler

(Partner emeritus)

Certified Fiduciary Specialist
Licensed Audit Expert RAB  (Reg.109145)
Patrizia Kaufhold

Certified Fiduciary Specialist
Real Estate Tax Specialist

Martin Limberger

B.A. in Business Administration
Certified accountant IHK

Daniela Militi Administrative Assistant
Dominic Suter lic. iur. Tax and Mobility Specialist


Jeyasekaran Yogarajah

Certified Administration Assistant EFZ