Cross-border Partner Network

Because of Basel’s proximity to both Germany and France we face cross-border situations on a daily basis, no matter if they concern tax, payroll and social security, or foreign subsidiaries. In order to give you comprehensive advice and support on such matters, we have established longtime and intensive cross-border partnerships. Through a regular exchange with our partners we furthermore have a good understanding on what matters across the border. This allows us a very productive and efficient approach to your concerns.

 Partner Germany

 Partner France


RIEDLINGER Partnerschaftsges. mbB
Kartäuserstrasse 61a
D-79104 Freiburg
FIBA - Wilser et Associés
9 croisée des Lys
F-68300 Saint-Louis
For all other countries we collaborate with our partners from Morison Global.

artax has been able to provide services to clients from the following countries: